Saraca Monastery is mentioned in documents since 1270. Situated in the village Semlacu Mic, commune Semlacu Mare, this turistic site is a nun monastery with the patron "Changing the Face". Also, there is a lot of information about the activity of the monastery in the XV century, the superior of Franciscan monks attested that Saraca Monastery was a defender of "schismatics".

In time, Saraca Monastery degrades, arriving in 1865 in a state of ruin. In 1934 the monastery enters under the care of Caransebes Bishopric and later in care of Archdiocese of Timisoara. In 1996 a new building for the cells is added. Between 1984 and 1987, Saraca Monastery is under the patronage of the parish Semlacu Mic. Until now, Saraca monastery was fully restored and can be included in the list of tourist sites of the region Banat.

The route of access to Saraca monastery is the route DN 59 Timisoara - Moravita, to South - Voiteg (30 km) branch to the right, DN 58B to Gataia (19.5 kilometers) – From Gataia take right, DJ 588 for Butin - Semlacu Mic (10 km).