In the 19th century, the San Marco mansion in Comlosu Mare was the center of the theatrical shows organized in the region, as well as a venue for the meetings of the aristocracy. After the nationalization, it was transformed into offices of the Cooperatist Agricultural Farm, then in a school and kindergarten. Its history too is linked to brothers Kristof and Czyril Nako who followed the Magyarization policy and bought in 1781 huge areas of land in Banat. The landed property managed jointly by the Nako brothers included estates in Sannicolau Mare, Teremia Mare and Comlosu Mare. Three years later, they were ennobled to landed gentry of Sannicolau Mare. In 1801 they decided to divide their common wealth and by lots casting, the Sannicolau Mare estate was left to the offspring of Kristof, while Teremia — Comlos, to Czyril's son, Joseph. The latter left it to his son, Ioan, who in 1840 moved his residence from Vienna to the new castle built at the heart of Comlos. Around the building he arranged a luxurious park covering ten hectares, with wrought iron gates made in Vienna. The family crest was above the main gate, but it was destroyed by communists.

655, Comloşul Mare, Timiş