Românești Monastery

Due to the historical influences occurred along the time in Banat, the monastery settlements with historical resonance are hardly existing as compared with the rest of the country.

Nevertheless, the studied area includes one of the oldest monasteries in Banat and the oldest from Timis County, i.e. “The Izvorul Miron Monastery”.

In this beautiful area, from the initiative of the patriarch Miron Cristea, the monastery "Izvorul Miron" was built. The works started in 1912 but finished in 1929 and the consecration was made on 20 July 1931, Saint Ilie being the titular saint. It is built from rock and brick, with a dome and tower well-proportioned and painted both on the inside and outside.

Although it is located near the road, although purportedly planned as a "modern" monastery with educated and elegant monks and sanctum where they would have "all the comfort", this monastery settlement keeps between its walls sufficient mystery to ignite your heart. First, the church. The church is blue like the water. Its blue walls mirror among the fir in the warm water. The only one in Banat which is painted on the outside, in the 80s. A strange painting, where the fearing Judgment is not extended on a coast of the church masonry, such as in Voronet, but it is just over the entry, round and large, full of fear and all the sins.

The tourists can reach the monastery through the following ways: on NR 68A Lugoj-Deva until nex4t to Cosava, then via a modernized road - CR 884 Curtea - Romanesti.

The name of "Balta Calda" comes from the sparkling water which maintains throughout the year a constant temperature of 19 degrees C.   

Next to this beautiful monastery, another two monastery settlements were erected, i.e. the monastery from Lucanii de Sus and the Fardea monastery.

Românești, Timiș