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Tour route of Köröszug (cycling, walking, horse riding)
The tour route is located by the boundary of Csongrád and...
Zöldkert Pension
6640 Csongrád, Dózsa György tér 6.
8 double rooms
Services: closed...
Panorama Accommodation
6640 Körös-torok 66.
4 double rooms, 1 four-bedded room
Öreg Tölgy Pension
6640 Csongrád, Réti János u. 8.
4 five-bedded, 1 seven-bedded, 1 four-bedded apartments
Hubertus Pension
Justh Gyula u. 5.
8 double rooms, suit
Services: own parking...
6 double rooms, 2 rooms for families
Services: horse-riding, carriage-driving, open-air cooking facility, tennis court...
Two houses: one with two rooms, and one with three rooms.
Services: parking in closed yard, well-equipped kitchen and...
5 double rooms
Services: dining room and bar for 40 people, sauna, jacuzzi, pool, gym, wine cellar (wine tasting),...
1 four-bedded, 2 six-bedded rooms
Services: archery, handicraft, fishing, Hungarian cuisine

The town of Csongrád is located in the northern part of Csongrád County in a uniquely beautiful natural environment. However, we can’t find any hills in this area, the real beauty of the Great Plain is provided by the Rivers Tisza and Körös, the oxbow lakes, the flora and the fauna of the waters, the botanical rarities and the cultivated lands.

Due to its advantageous geographical location this landscape has always attracted people to settle down. Archaeological evidences from the Paleolithic Era were found here. The location of the town is a determining factor in today’s infrastructural position. It is easy to approach Csongrád on public road, by train and even by water. The town is located nearly halfway between Szeged and Kecskemét which are the chief towns of Csongrád and Bács-Kiskun Counties. The motorway M5 can be found 20 kilometres far from Csongrád.

There was always a close relationship between the residents of the town and the River Tisza. In the former times, the river assured their food, their living and the building materials for their houses. Furthermore, it provided protection for the inhabitants of the town and its surroundings. Nowadays, the waters of Csongrád play an important role in tourism. The greatest tourist attraction of Csongrád is the Mouth of Körös: this sandy beach surrounded by holiday resort at the mouth of the Tisza and Körös Rivers reminds us of seashore. Every summer thousands of people have fun and spend their vacation here.

Along the River Tisza and its oxbow lakes lots of excellent fishing areas are available. Anglers can choose between a wide range of possibilities provided by the rivers and the peaceful or sometimes romantic backwaters. Their decision can also be influenced by the species of the fish they would like to catch: zander, carp, catfish, pike, crucian carp, aspius or burly carp.

The town and its surroundings ensure favorable conditions for other activities too, like horse riding, water sports, cycling and hunting. Cycling is an outstanding free-time activity: bicycle is a popular means of transport in this little town of the plains where visitors can try out cycling paths and tours as well.

Besides its surface waters Csongrád possesses significant resources of thermal water which has an important role in the services of the renewed Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool. Visitors who would like to swim, practice sports and relax will definitely spend a great time in the swimming pool surrounded by trees and parklands that offer a pleasant atmosphere. The carbonated medicinal water of the bath is offered for patients suffering from arthritic and rheumatic diseases, moreover, it is widely used in the post-treatment of gynaecological diseases, too.

Tradition means an important role in the life of the town.  The residents of Csongrád do all in their power to preserve and transmit the cultural values.

One of the most remarkable architectural areas is the old centre of the town, the Inner Town. Its location is unique in itself because it is situated on the eastern part of Csongrád instead of the heart of the town. This location is due to the winding riverbed of the Tisza that surrounded the ancient town core so it only could expand in the western direction.

The well-preserved adobe houses with reed-covered roofs and with white walls built in the style of the folk architecture remind us of the old times. This part of the town is called ‘Fishermen’s village’ as well because in the last century it was mainly inhabited by fishermen and their families. The preservation and the heritage protection of these houses began in the 1970’s.  Its recentnesses are seven newly opened handicrafts houses developed and furnished in the live museum spirit.

Csongrád has a vibrant cultural and artistic life. The most widely known events are the programme series of Csongrád Days that looks back at long past, the traditional Wine and Bread Festival or the Körös-torok Days, a very popular festival among young people. The residents of Csongrád are proud of their artistic groups as they help to build the good reputation of the town: the Alföld Folk Dance Ensemble, the Brass Band of Csongrád and the Acting Company of Csongrád. Contemporary art is also supported in Csongrád: both foreign and domestic artists like working in the Artist’s Colony and they also have the possibility to display their artworks in Csongrád Gallery.

The geographical location and the weather of this area are favorable for agriculture and pomology. Viticulture became one of the tourist attractions of the town. Particularly the red wines are offered: Blaufränkish, Cabernet, Zweigelt and Kadarka.


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