Bokros Flats

The Bokros Flats are not just a simple patch of grass, but a mosaic of flood plain grasses, alkaline flats, oxbow lakes, plains and soft-wood fringe forests, which have preserved countless natural features of the Tisza River landscape’s primeval condition and varied wildlife from before the regulation of the river.

The real curiosities of the Bokros Flats are the naturally created oxbow lakes. The Csongrád Municipal Association of Environment and Nature Conservationists discovered the protected marsiela quadrifolia in the shoreline zone, this plant species has not been found anywhere else in the territory of the Kiskunság National Park.

The tumulus built out of the loess material of Homok Mound is one of the final refuges in the Csongrád area of the loess bluff plant community, which is dominated by crested wheat grass.

117 protected species of bird can be found on the Bokros Flats, 26 of which are highly protected.

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The Bokros Flats are located on the right bank of the Tisza, 1 km northeast of Bokros, and 8 km northwest of Csongrád.
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